United Urban Investment Corporation Acquires Kobe Toyahama Logistics Center

April 17, 2020 — United Urban Investment Corporation (United Urban) announced that Japan REIT Advisors Co., Ltd. (JRA) — the asset management company to which United Urban entrusts asset management services — decided to acquire the property as set forth below.

Property NumberType of Use (Note 1)Property NameLocationScheduled Acquisition Price (Note 2) Estimated NOI Yield (Note 3)Estimated NOI Yield After Depreciation(Note 4)Scheduled Acquisition Date
E16Other (warehouse)Kobe Toyahama Logistics CenterKobe, Hyogo¥1,300 million6.2%5.2%April 17, 2020

United Urban said it will acquire the asset for the purpose of further enhancing its portfolio. 

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