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Editorial Policy

REIT AsiaPac articles aim to give our readers in-depth insights on issues and events driving the Asia Pacific REIT market. We welcome contributors to share their thought leadership, industry insights, and expert analysis of a given topic. As REIT AsiaPac aims to educate and keep our audience updated on the latest happenings in the Asia Pacific REIT market, it is our policy to be transparent and avoid impropriety or any conflict of interest.

All content to be published on our website must adhere to the following Editorial Policy.

1. We hold accuracy sacrosanct. Please provide accurate and trustworthy data and information.

Make sure that any articles submitted are accurate and based on facts. The article should include links to credible source materials, reference the specific, originating site whenever possible, especially for surveys, reports, and data. REIT AsiaPac is scrupulous in fact-checking and linking to the primary source prevents misinterpretation or omission of critical context which may be done by secondary sources.

2. We value expert insights and knowledge. Please substantiate your arguments and views with evidence and data.

Articles should be pegged to the latest news and events of interest to the REIT AsiaPac audience. Contributions should feature analysis, opinions, and expert insights that will further educate our readers.

3. We never fabricate or plagiarise. Please provide original content.

REIT AsiaPac does not tolerate any form of plagiarism. We don’t accept articles that have been or will be published elsewhere, so make sure to submit original articles only.

4. We do not write marketing and promotional content. 

We value expert opinion and observations, and therefore thought-leadership content that are analytical, investigative and questioning are preferred.

5. Any sales pitches or product advocacy will be formatted and published as advertisements.

6. Any reproduction of the content published on the REIT AsiaPac website should include proper attribution to REIT AsiaPac.

7. All REIT AsiaPac content are written based on the Associated Press Style Guide.

8. REIT AsiaPac, its officers, employees, subcontractors, agents shall not be liable for any loss, liability, damage or expense arising directly or indirectly from or connected in any way with any use or reliance on information provided on our site and published in our quarterly magazine.