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Industrial & Infrastructure Fund Investment Corporation Completes Acquisition Of Atsugi Manufacturing Center

June 2, 2020 — Industrial & Infrastructure Fund Investment Corporation (IIF) announced that IIF completed the acquisition of one of the five properties that it plans to acquire as previously announced in the press release titled “IIF to Acquire and Lease Five Properties in Japan” dated November 29, 2019.

The property acquired is IIF Atsugi Maufacturing Center (building). The acquisition price was 6.9 billion yen.

The newest acquisition is in line with the anticipated acquisition in July 15 of the IIF Okazaki Manufacturing Center (land with leasehold interest) and the completed acquisitions of IIF Gifu Kakamigahara Logistics Center, IIF Yokohama Tsuzuki R&D Center and Hiroshima Seifushinto Logistics Center in the previous months.

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