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‘Strong Operational Changes’ Will Be Implemented Between Sakura Sogo REIT and Star Asia Investment Management

February 19, 2020 — Star Asia Investment Management Co., Ltd., the asset manager for Star Asia Investment Corporation (SAR), resolved to enter into an Asset Management Entrustment Agreement with Sakura Sogo REIT Investment Corporation (SSR), and to implement strong organizational changes in order for the Asset Manager to be entrusted with the asset management of two listed investment corporations, namely SAR and SSR, and to establish and revise related internal rules.

The Asset Manager is scheduled to be entrusted with SSR’s asset management commencing from March 1, 2020, and therefore, from the same date, the Asset Manager will be entrusted with asset management from two listed investment corporations, SAR and SSR.

As such, the Asset Manager will move to an organizational structure which will allow for it to engage in asset management to maximize the interests of the unitholders for each of SAR and SSR,

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