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KLCCP Stapled Group’s Q3 Revenue Down By 11.6%

KLCCP Stapled Group’s Q3 Revenue Down By 11.6%

November 11, 2020 – KLCCP Stapled Group’s revenue in July to September declined by 11.6% compared to the same three-month period in 2019, as the pandemic continues to hit operations and profitability.

The ongoing pandemic and the various phases of lockdown which came into effec from March 18, 2020 has alsoimpacted their 9-month performance this year to decline by 11.7% to RM934.4 million (US$227 million).

The group also announced that is delivered stable returns to its holders of stapled security with a distribution of 7.50 sen (US1.8 cents) per stabled security for the quarter, bringing the total dividend distribution for the cumulative nine months of 2020 to 23.30 sen (US5.65 cents).

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