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Japan Metropolitan Fund Investment Corporation Acquires Investment Limited Partnership Interests

Japan Metropolitan Fund Investment Corporation Acquires First-Ever Investment In Mezzanine Loan Obligations

September 28, 2021 – Japan Metropolitan Fund Investment Corporation announced that its asset manager decided to acquire an equity interest in DREAM Mezzanine Debt Separate3 Investment Limited Partnership.

The REIT said the decision to acquire the investment vehicle was made as a measure to diversify its investment means.

Mezzanine loan obligations mainly refer to monetary claims, such as loan claims, against special purpose companies aimed at investing in real estate and other properties and other corporations.

This is the REIT’s first-ever investment in Mezzanine Loan Obligations.

The Investment will be made in Mezzanine Loan Obligations, etc. through a limited partnership scheme. It will be carried out using JMF’s own funds, and JMF believes that it will contribute to maximizing unitholder profits through diversification of investment means at present and in the future.

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