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Fukuoka REIT Resumes Operations In 4 Properties

Fukuoka REIT Resumes Operations In 4 Properties

May 19, 2020 — Earlier, Fukuoka REIT Corporation announced that it would temporarily suspend operations at some of the retail properties it owns, as described below, in its press release “Notice Concerning Temporary Closure of Facilities, Etc. Associated with Measures to Prevent Spread of COVID-19 Infection” dated April 9, 2020. However, following the government’s lifting of the declaration of a state of emergency and easing of regulations concerning requests for suspension of operations in Fukuoka Prefecture, operations of the properties resumed on Saturday, May 16, 2020 after instituting safety measures to prevent the spread of infections. 

If temporary closures, etc. are to be reinstated at any of the retail properties owned by Fukuoka REIT, they will be announced on the websites of each retail facility. 

[Subject facilities] 
・Canal City Hakata 
・Canal City Hakata・B 
・Konoha Mall Hashimoto 
・Marinoa City Fukuoka (Marina Side Building) 
*There may be delays in resuming operations at some stores. 

[Resumption date]  
Saturday, May 16, 2020 
*For details on business hours and such, please visit the websites of the retail facilities. 

[Safety measures for preventing the spread of infections] 
・ Implementation of ventilation by keeping entrances and exits open 
・ Installation of disinfectants for use by shoppers, etc. at entrances, toilet facilities, etc. 
・ Periodic cleaning of entrance and exit doors, elevator buttons, escalator handrails and toilets 
・ Wearing of masks by employees 
・ Keeping track of and managing the temperatures and physical conditions of employees, as well as requiring them to conduct regular hand sanitizing with disinfectants 
・ Removal of some tables and chairs in common spaces 
・ Installation of partitions and plastic sheets to prevent airborne droplets at cash registers, and to secure social distancing 
・ Cancellation and/or postponement of customer attraction events, campaigns, etc. 

Rad full statement here

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