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First REIT Announces Temporary Closure Of Lippo Plaza Kupang And Lippo Plaza Buton Except For Essential Services

April 1, 2020- The Board of Directors of Bowsprit Capital Corporation Limited, in its capacity as manager of First Real Estate Investment Trust (“First REIT”, and as manager of First REIT, the “Manager”), would like to announce that:

(1) Lippo Plaza Kupang (“LPK”) (which is part of the Kupang property comprising Siloam Hospitals Kupang & Lippo Plaza Kupang); and
(2) Lippo Plaza Buton (“LPB”) (which is part of the Buton property comprising Siloam Hospitals Buton & Lippo Plaza Buton), will be temporarily closed from 1 April 2020 to 14 April 2020.

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