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Atrium REIT To Raise RM85.3 Million (US$19.2 Million) To Fund Atrium Shah Alam 4 Asset Enhancement (New Straits Times)

July 14, 2022 – (from New Straits Times) Atrium Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) has proposed to raise RM85.3 million via a private placement and a special issuance of units to fund asset enhancement initiatives (AEI) on its Atrium Shah Alam 4 industrial property.

Mercury Securities Sdn Bhd said the firm needed to wait for information on the tenancy terms for Atrium Shah Alam 4 before arriving at an opinion on the proposed private placement and special issuance of units.

It said the private placement and special issuance of units are expected to dilute the earnings per unit (EPU) and dividend per unit (DPU) of Atrium REIT for the financial year ending December 31, 2022.

Atrium REIT’s proposed private placement is for up to 40,925,136 units.

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