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All Resolutions Passed At Sakura Sogo 4th AGM

April 3, 2020- We would like inform you that all of the following matters were resolved at the 4th General Meeting of Unitholders of Sakura Sogo REIT Investment Corporation (“SSR”) held on March 30, 2020 (the “Unitholders’ Meeting”).

Following the approval and adoption by resolution of all of the agenda items proposed by SSR at the Unitholders Meeting as described below, SSR will continue operations working diligently towards the effective date of the merger with Star Asia Investment Corporation (“SAR”). This will be undertaken by the board of directors comprised of Toru Sugihara as Executive Director and Shigeru Kaneda and Hirotaka Isayama as Supervisory Directors, and with Star Asia Investment Management Co., Ltd. as the asset manager, while paying attention to conflicts of interests, with the overall objective of maximizing unitholders’ value.

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